Mentoring the Next Generation of Leaders in West Africa

Mentoring the Next Generation of Leaders in West Africa

The African youth has always been considered as a promising talent. Many, however, struggle to meet these heightened expectations set on them. The youth, full of innovative ideas and high aspirations, have minimal opportunities to unleash those talents and aspirations. Inasmuch as more opportunities are being created in West Africa, the necessary skillsets and support systems required to help empower the youth to grasp these opportunities continue to be limited. Due to that, many of these talents do not achieve their goals in life, many of whom are eventually persuaded to take actions that are far below their worth and ambitions. This piece explores how promoting quality mentoring programmes could help shape the lives of the youths to be more productive
and be of significant added value to their communities and countries. Hence, they will become a catalyst for accelerated and sustainable development of West African countries.

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  1. Metolo

    Says November 12, 2020 at 8:18 am

    This article is very interesting. Didn’t know this much about mentorship!

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