Africa Climate Change Fund – Call for Proposal

Africa Climate Change Fund – Call for Proposal

The Third Call for Proposals (CFP3) of the Africa Climate Change Fund (ACCF) focuses on Gender Equality and Climate Resilience (GECR). Thus, the Fund is seeking innovative and impactful gender-transformative proposals that are focused on:

  1. Addressing unequal access of women and men to the resources that are needed to adapt to climate change and mitigate GHG emissions, and to adequately and proportionally address the ways in which gender roles influence the ability of women and men to adapt to climate change and mitigate GHG emissions; and
  2. Supporting African countries to transition to gender transformative climate resilient, low carbon development, and scale-up access to climate finance.

The CFP3 adopts a Gender Transformative Approach to engage men and women together as agents of change to tackle the root causes of gender inequalities, unequal power balance and vulnerability, and contribute to a transition toward more inclusive, equitable, sustainable, and climate resilient development.

The intermediate outcomes of the CFP3 include:

  1. Enhanced equal opportunities for women’s entrepreneurship and equal employment in selected African countries;
  2. Increased advocacy by women and women groups and their participation in planning & policy making for gender-transformative climate change adaptation for climate-resilient agriculture, access to clean energy and WASH in selected African countries;
  3. Increased economic diversification and empowerment for women and youth in selected vulnerable communities in Africa;
  4. Improved women’s leadership role as actors of change in the transition to low carbon & gender transformative climate change adaptation among vulnerable communities for replication and up-scaling in other African countries.

In order to achieve the above expected results, the CFP3 will prioritize proposals that aim at supporting:

  1. Mechanisms for climate finance that are adapted and accessible directly to women and women’s groups;
  2. Increased participation, leadership, and influence of women and women’s groups in community-level, national and international climate change negotiations;
  3. Women and youth empowerment through small–scale or pilot adaptation initiatives adapted and accessible for women to build resilience of vulnerable communities in climate resilient activities;
  4. Mainstreaming of gender equality considerations adapted and accessible to women in sub-national, sectoral-level, and national policies and programs, including Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

Eligible beneficiaries of the CFP3 which include African governments, regional organizations, African funds, non-governmental organizations and research institutions, as well as African Development Bank’s departments are invited to submit proposals for funding. The available funding envelope of $6 million to be allocated in the form of grants is within the range of $250,000 – $1 million per project.

Important information: Please review the Frequently Asked Questions(link is external) and the Guidance Note(link is external) before beginning the application.

Interested entities are invited to submit applications through a dedicated online platform here(link is external)Applications can be received in either English or French. For French language, interested entities must click on the language button on the top right corner to select the preferred language on the online application platform(link is external) before registering or creating your username and password to log in and apply.

Note: The deadline for application is 23 July 2021, at 11:59 PM (UTC)

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