Benin CSI-RA Report

Benin CSI-RA Report

The existence of an active civil society, able to constructively contribute to development policies and initiatives, is essential to the progress of a democratic system. “Civil society, therefore, plays a key role in promoting peace and resolving conflicts. By expressing the concerns of citizens, Civil Society Organizations (CSO’s) prove to be important in society, where they implement initiatives that strengthen participatory democracy. They embody the growing demand for transparent and accountable governance”1. That is why, Maison de la Société Civile (MdSC, House of Civil Society), the appropriate framework of expression for Beninese CSO’s, through its partnership with the World Alliance for Citizen Participation (CIVICUS) and the West African Civil Society Institute (WACSI), has conducted the project for Civil Society Rapid Assessment (CSI-RA) which focused on the study of the internal governance of CSO’s in Benin, and their financial viability. This document presents the action plan taking into account the results of the study, as a prelude to the presentation.


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