Call for Case Studies: Existing African Models on Philanthropy Practices

Call for Case Studies: Existing African Models on Philanthropy Practices

Submission Deadline: Monday 5 April 2021

The West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI) is inviting individuals, organisations, associations and groups from across Africa to submit stories or cases of the existing community or local philanthropy models or practices they are engaged in.

The overall goal of this call is to identify, document and disseminate information on existing innovative, indigenous practices and or models of philanthropy or giving in Africa. It further seeks to explore, where possible, how these philanthropic approaches, practices and models interact with other existing practices within the African philanthropy ecosystem.

The case studies of approaches, practices and models submitted should address (but not limited to) the following key guiding questions:

  1. What challenge/problem/disaster the initiative was created to address?
  2. How was it set up?
  3. Why was it set up?
  4. When was it set up?
  5. Who was involved in the process and how they were involved? For example, who was/were the promoter(s) of the initiative and what was their motivation for setting this up?
  6. How were the resources raised, and how much was raised?
  7. What form of resources were raised?
  8. What facilitated the successes of the initiative?
  9. What challenges were encountered in raising the funds
  10. What is the current state of this practice?
  11. How would you recommend this practice to be used in a different context?
  12. Which group, association, organisation, or agency can (did) you collaborate with to expand this model/practice?
  13. If there are any pictures/or videos to illustrate the initiative, submit separately in a jpeg format when submitting the case study.

Case studies are expected to be approximately 2000 words.


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