Call for Proposals: Short-Term Grants

Call for Proposals: Short-Term Grants

Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund, through its Rapid Response Window on women’s participation in peace processes and the implementation of peace agreements, Calls for Proposals.

This Call for Proposals is for short-term grants. Rapid grants are disbursed to support short-term civil society-led projects – lasting a maximum of six months – that address women’s meaningful participation in Track 1 and Track 2 peace processes and the implementation of peace agreements. Projects will be implemented by the lead civil society organisation and any implementing partners and should increase women’s representation and leadership in the formal peace process or the implementation of peace agreements.

Examples of the types of initiatives or projects include but are not limited to:

  • Advocacy and lobbying campaigns for women’s inclusion in peace and political processes.
  • Advocacy and lobbying campaigns for women’s inclusion in the implementation and monitoring mechanisms of peace agreements.
  • Evidence-based advocacy and collection of data to feed into a process.
  • Preparatory sessions and capacity-building for women participating in decision-making processes.
  • Consultations and community engagement to feed into a specific process.
  • Coalition building and strategising to influence a specific process.
  • Advocacy events and meetings, cross-border dialogues.
  • Strategic planning projects to identify entry points and stakeholders, to strategise, access support and connect with key stakeholders for bilateral meetings/consultations/dialogues and more.
  • Organising and drafting participatory declarations/demands to influence decision-making processes.

This includes women peace activists, CSOs, INGOs, UN Women Country Offices, Women Mediator Network, DPPA, PBSO, MPTFO, UN operations teams on processes, Member States representatives and more. 5 Track 1: high-level negotiations involving country leadership or governments, often led by the UN or multilateral regional organisations. Track 2: dialogues or problem-solving workshops involving leading figures in society, often led by mediators or (I)NGOs. Some peace processes take a multi-track approach with activities conducted and/or linked at multiple or all tracks.


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