CSOS on the West Africa Civil Society E-Directory Participate in First Webinar

CSOS on the West Africa Civil Society E-Directory Participate in First Webinar

“We, SPONG, are very grateful for this timely support provided by WACSI. We had an uncomplete draft of our communication strategy and this webinar provided us with the right set of tools to confidently finalise our strategy and benefit from WACSI’ expertise for the review”.

These were the words of Roukiattou Ouedraogo from Secrétariat Permanent des ONG du Burkina Faso, SPONG after taking part in the first free webinar on Strategic Communicating for civil society organisations (CSOs) registered on the West Africa Civil Society E-Directory Platform.

The sessions enabled participants to reflect on the following: How to communicate? What to communicate? Which medium is the most convenient to communicate our message? As a network of CSOs, how do we communicate effectively internally and externally?

After the training, a participant expressed that, “this training has given me a guideline on how to strategise an organisation’s communication plan as well as how well-designed communication can promote the organisation’s work and have an impact on stakeholders.”

32 civil society actors exchanged on techniques involved in developing, drafting and implementing a results-based communication strategy for their respective organisations. The 2 hours long webinar offered to participants the opportunity to access user-friendly tools and framework, they can customise and use in their respective organisations.

The webinars took place on the 4 October 2019 and were facilitated by our communication expert Jimm Chick Fomunjong. This unique opportunity was exclusively made available to an organisation registered on West Africa Civil Society E-Directory

CSOs don’t receive enough credit for the work and the amazing impact achieved in communities. The lack of visibility and poor communication from actors in the sector is one the root cause of such a situation. The main goal of the West Africa Civil Society E-Directory is to provide a solution to this situation. The CSO E-Directory is a platform to share what CSOs are doing and how well they are achieving their respective mandate. This platform is also a repository of funding opportunities as well as unique capacity building programmes for CSOs in West Africa.

In case you missed this first opportunity, see below 5 key tips for successful communication.

  • Be Concise: Use short and simple words.
  • Be clear: Don’t abuse jargons and acronyms.
  • Know your audience: Tailor your communication message to respond to the nature of your audience.
  • Be interesting: Connect with your audience.
  • Be accurate: Provide concrete and verifiable facts.

To access more detailed content links to download frameworks and template, as well as personalised free, follow up support, kindly register on www.csowestafrica.org. Many more opportunities like this one will be available soon.

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