Digital Transformation: Meaning and Relevance

Digital Transformation: Meaning and Relevance

Technology has invaded our daily lives and has changed the way we go about work. However, technology seems to have changed more significantly the way individuals interact than the extent to which organisations are transforming.

Often, the idea of technology surfaces a certain paradox, a battle between the good and the bad or a journey into the unknown. The question, however, is not whether it is useful, but how we use it. In the 21st century, marked by the fourth industrial revolution, there are both enormous opportunities and growing pressures for organisations to devise strategies to face the rising challenges of the digital era.

The nonprofit sector, like other sectors of society, is confronted with the challenge of positioning itself against the tides of the digital age. How can nonprofit organisations better leverage the benefits of technology to support and drive sustainable growth and transformation? What is the role of technology in transforming organisations to achieve their goals? What is digital transformation? Is it necessary? What are the steps an organisation needs to take to achieve its digital transformation?

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