Empowered to Perform Better at Work

Empowered to Perform Better at Work

Popoola Adejoke Glory has gained new communication techniques that have helped her to win the satisfaction of her clients and colleagues.

She has greatly improved her approach of communicating with her clients and colleagues. This has made her to maintain her clients and add to her client base. “As at 31st August 2015,I have 3813 clients but it was 3745 as at 30th April. A difference of 68 [new] clients”, she stated.

This is the fruit of her participation in a training on Customer Service Management, Operations Management and Internal and External Communications by WACSI from April 13, 2015; April 14 – 15, 2015, and April 16 – 17, 2015 respectively.

Glory is one of eleven staff of the microfinance department of the Justice Development and Peace Commission (JDPC/CGEE) in Nigeria who took part in these trainings.

The trainings were specifically tailored to empower the JDPC/CGEE staff with robust skills to boost customer satisfaction and enhance their communication approach in the department.

She is an Area Manager of the Sangotedo zone within Lagos Area office of the Justice Development and Peace Commission of Nigeria. She supervises three branches and 14 staff.

She was very happy to have participated in these trainings. She was also very satisfied with the quality of the content and delivery of both trainings. She was poised to take a new and better approach to work after the trainings that would increase her productivity.

Four months after these trainings, Glory is proud to have been able to overcome some of the communication challenges she used to encounter prior to the training.

“The course exposed me to social media. I can now communicate with some of our online customers and hence, create mutual relationships that enhance our ability to relay our goals and mission to them”. She said.

She has also used the communication tips acquired during the training to increase awareness on the products of the microfinance scheme and its usefulness to her stakeholders.

“I have also done lots of meetings talks with both clients and proposed [potential] customers on the importance, goals, mission, etcetera of the commission as they would help their various businesses”, Glory explained.

The training on customer service empowered Glory and her colleagues with techniques and skills to promote customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Glory has been applying the lessons she learnt from both training. The positive impact is being experienced not only by her clients, but, among her colleagues as well.

“Every member of staff within my area office has been able to enjoy my business talks mainly on the customer satisfaction principles acquired during the course of the study [training]”, she said.

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