End of France Embassy Project Report

End of France Embassy Project Report

Under its international cooperation programme for civil society, the Embassy of France in Ghana has been providing support to CSOs through small grants allocation, within the framework of its erstwhile Funds for Social Development (FSD) scheme. The French Cooperation recognises the role and importance of civil society as a key player in the pursuit of democracy, good governance and development at the national level. This has translated into meaningful financial assistance to CSOs over the years to support their operations and delivery. Over the years CSOs in Ghana have had the opportunity to improve their effectiveness and emerged as important influencers on national development issues. Many have acquired an array of operational skills such as proposal formulation and basic financial management and develop seemingly stable governance systems. Nonetheless, there remains the need to sustain their relevance, strengthen their capacity to assess and document their results to promote accountability and continue to engage policymakers in a more effective manner.


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