Ghana CSI-RA Report

Ghana CSI-RA Report

Since its inception in 1993, CIVICUS has strived to make a significant contribution to understanding the rise and evolution of civil society around the world and to build a knowledge base of civil society-related issues through research-led and owned by civil society. The first step towards achieving this was the compilation of civil society profiles of 60 countries in the New Civic Atlas, published in 1997. This report provided concise and current information on the basic features of civil society in those countries, although it lacked consistency with regard to the issues covered. In order to improve this exercise and move towards a more rigid comparative framework of analysis that would allow lessons to be drawn across countries, CIVICUS, with financial assistance from the UNDP, the Netherlands Organisation for International Development Cooperation (NOVIB), and the Commonwealth Foundation, began to explore the development of the Civil Society Index (CSI).


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