Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Civil Society Organisations in Ghana

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Civil Society Organisations in Ghana

The research findings show that the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on CSOs in Ghana has been dramatic in the short term and is expected to have some medium to long-term effects on the civil society sector. The strategies implemented by the Government of Ghana to curb the spread of the virus placed restrictions on movement and large gatherings, amidst social distancing and other protocols. These interventions and response measures affected the operations and programmes of CSOs in the country. The CSOs could not effectively function from their offices nor engage with beneficiary communities.

The restrictions imposed some restraints on staff movement, reduced staff strength, led to the cancellation of meetings, conferences, and travels (both local and international), reduced and led to the cancellation of key operations. There was also the cessation of fieldwork and community engagements, as well as the loss of funding to the CSOs. The funding landscape was also largely affected by the pandemic. Eighty-one (81%) of the CSOs reported delayed or reduced funding from donors, as well as funding restrictions and related constraints as key impacts of the pandemic on their organisational funding.

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