Impact of Social Media on African Youth

Impact of Social Media on African Youth

In contemporary society, social media has made access to information easier. Social media has the potential to fundamentally change the character of our social lives, both on an interpersonal and a community level. Decades ago, African leaders dreamt of connecting African countries with roads and railways. Today, social media presents another excellent means of connecting African countries. But it seems to be highly underutilised to serve this purpose despite the high number of subscribers.
Africans, especially the youth are positively embracing social media. According to Silver and Johnson, adults younger than 30 are more likely to go online than those aged 50 and older. They are relying on it for information, education and entertainment. This paper explores the growth trajectory of social media on the continent. It presents some opportunities and challenges associated with the use of social media by African youth. It further posits roles diverse stakeholders can play to ensure the better and more appropriate use of social media by youths.


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