Terms of Reference for the Africa Innovation Festival Moderators

Introduction to Innovation for Change (I4C)
Innovation for Change (I4C) is a global network of people and organizations who work together to protect civic space and overcome restrictions to our basic freedoms of assembly, association and speech. We are a community-led network, inspired by ideas, methods, and technologies from across different sectors. Our seven interconnected regional hubs are growing in both physical and online spaces across Africa, Central Asia, East Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East and North Africa, the Pacific and South Asia.

Innovation for Change Africa (I4C) Hub
Launched in 2017 and based in Nairobi, the I4C Africa Hub is a vital new physical and online space for regional ideas and social innovations, powered by its dynamic, growing community of civic space advocates from Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), technologists and cross-sectoral partners. The Hub is working to strengthen the capacity of civil society and through homegrown African solutions as well as being part of a global network that offers network members access to the latest thinking, resources and collaborations.

Africa Innovation Festival
The I4C Africa Hub will host its first Africa Innovation Festival. The Innovation Festival will be a three (3) day virtual event taking place over the course of three (3) weeks. Each week will focus on one of three (3) themes: 1) Accountability; 2) Transparency; and 3) Natural Resource Management.

The main objective of the Africa Innovation Festival is to shine a lens on innovative CSOs, start-ups, leaders, strategies, and trends around Africa to build a stronger and more resilient African continent.

Each week will have three (3) speakers on a panel of the theme of the week. The panel sessions will discuss specific areas of 1) Accountability; 2) Transparency; and 3) Natural Resource Management. Each panel will require an expert on that specific area as a discussant. Demo Jams on the theme of the week will also be held as well as voting. The top five (5) Demo Jams with the highest votes will be given awards of up to USD $1,000 each.
Each day’s activities (panel plus demo jam) will require a moderator.

Tasks and Deliverables
Innovation for Change (I4C) Africa Hub is looking for three (3) Moderators to facilitate the smooth flow of the Africa Innovation Festival program, introduce the speakers and ensure balanced discussions during the panel session as well as the Demo Jams. The Moderator is also expected to manage the time. Specifically each moderator will be responsible for:
During the Discussion Panel:

  1. Provide a brief background about the Africa Innovation Festival;
  2. Introduce the theme of the week;
  3. Introduce each of the keynote speakers;
  4. Monitor the time and update the speakers on remaining time;
  5. Facilitate the Question and Answer (Q&A) session;
  6. Open the floor for questions, remarks, and/or comments. (where no questions are asked, make suitable points and engage the speakers and audience participation);
  7. Re-group and/or modify questions and redirect them to the speakers eliciting the most important issues, should time run out;
  8. Introduce the speaker for the closing remarks; and
  9. Close the session by thanking everyone for their participation.
During the Demo Jams:
  1. Introduce the Demo Jams;
  2. Introduce the group/team about to present and request the presenter to state their name, and idea before presentation;
  3. Monitor the time for each group/team and informing them when time is up; and
  4. Close the session/event by thanking everyone for their participation.

After the Panel Session and Demo Jams

  1. Prepare a summary Narrative Report of the day’s proceedings. A Narrative Reporting template will be provided; and
  2. Be available for a short video interview for Demo Jam videos.
Each Moderator will be expected to facilitate one (1) panel session and one demo jam on the theme of that week. This combined session will be a three (3) hour session between 25 October – 12 November 2021. The summary report must also be submitted during this timeframe.

Reporting Line
Under the guidance and supervision of the I4C Africa Hub’s Program Officer, and the overall guidance of the I4C Africa Hub’s Regional Manager.

Key Competencies

  1. Demonstrates the ability to remain impartial, open-minded, and unbiased when guiding the discussion;
  2. The ideal candidate should be an active listener, inquisitive, good mediator, insightful and knowledgeable on the subject matter;
  3. This role requires an expert level ability to communicate effectively;
  4. Ability to work within a fast-paced environment; and
  5. Be flexible and meet deadlines.
How to Apply
Qualified applicants are invited to submit their Expression of Interest (EOI), which includes a CV to by Saturday, 28 August 2021. The CV must be a summarized CV of not more than three (3) pages outlining relevant expertise in relation to the requirements of this assignment (can include links of previous assignments if possible). A one (1)-pager on the plan or strategy the moderator will use to run the session, and ensure an interesting exchange of information will be an added advantage. Please also include your hourly speaking rate.

Email Subject Line should read Africa Innovation Festival Moderator.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Should you not have heard from us within two (2) weeks after your application, please consider your application as being unsuccessful.

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