Equipping Young West Africans with Skills to Smoothly Transition from Academia to the Work Milieu

Between 2008 and 2019, WACSI has trained 53 young professionals and graduates through its flagship NGIP with support from Ford Foundation and the OSIW

PRESS RELEASE: Rights CoLab and Partners Join Forces to Map Civil Society Innovation to Advance Human Rights  

New Collaborative Website to Aid Groups Exploring Alternative Organisational Forms and Revenue Models.

WACSI Board Expresses Delight with 2019 Accomplishments

On Friday 13 December 2019, the board and management of WACSI held the second and last board meeting for the year. This meeting was the second in t

West African Activists enhance their ability to effectively conduct Non-Violent Mobilisation

Since the 1990s, with the institution of the multiparty democracy, the number of electoral democracies in West Africa has been on the rise.

WACSI engaged the Civic Leadership Track of 15th Cohort of YALI RLC West Africa

As part of its commitment to groom the next generation of West African leaders, the West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI) has been a key


Seventy-eight percent (78%) of girls in Niger get married before their 18th birthday. This makes Niger the country with the highest prevalence of c

Tebeck Mariztsa Commits to Mobilise Cameroonian Youths to Create Lasting Peace

Tebeck Mariztsa, 18, will hold fond memories of the nonviolent mobilisation training she participated in from 4 – 7 November in Accra, Ghana. The

WAVES Enhances its Institutional Competences

A 5 - day training conducted for partners of the Fund for Global Human Right (FGHR) Partners in Sierra Leone by the West Africa Civil Society Insti

Next Generation Research Fellowship: Call for Applications

WACSI is promoting a homegrown Open Access and practitioner-oriented knowledge process. 

2020 Next Generation Internship Programme: Call for Applications

WACSI is seeking interns interested in enhancing their civic consciousness and developing their professional capacity.

WACSI and PNA Enhance the Skills of CSOs in Parliamentary Advocacy and Engagement

WACSI in collaboration with Parliamentary News Africa (PNA) held a 5-day intensive training on Parliamentary Advocacy and Engagement for CSOs.

DCI-SL and NCYAB Win Proposal Pitching Competition

Defence for Children International Sierra Leone (DCI-SL) and the National Children and Youth advisory Board (NCYAB) of Liberia emerged winners of a

ACT Sierra Leone Commits to have a Functional Board

Four women and child rights organisations in Sierra Leone have been enlightened on the urgent need to have boards that play more active oversight r

Sonny Leigh Commits to Revive the Board of ACT

Action for Community Task (ACT), a community based organisation in Pujehun, in the southern part of Sierra Leone was among four civil society organ

20 CSOs in Ghana Participate in Maiden CSO Sustainability Fellowship

The West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI) with support from Star-Ghana Foundation held a 3-day sustainability fellowship training for 20 sele

Strengthening the Capacities of Child Rights Organisations in Liberia

Five civil society organisations (CSOs) in Liberia have benefitted from a five-day training in Monrovia from 15 to 18 October 2019.

Benitha Dehfer Participates in her First Ever Training in Resource Mobilisation

Benitha Dehfer was one of four participants from Defence for Children (DCI) Liberia who took part in a five-day training for five child rights orga

Ghana CSOs Sustainability Fellowship: A Step Forward in the Sustainability Journey of CSOs in Ghana

Sustainability of the civil society sector remains a key challenge in Ghana. Although civil society plays a key role in contributing to the develop

WACSI Completes Organisational Assessments for NGOs in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea

Four non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Sierra Leone, five from Liberia and three from Guinea have benefitted from a capacity assessment supp

The Ghana National Civil Society Sustainability Strategy: A key tool to drive the sustainability of CSOs in Ghana

The Ghana National Civil Society Sustainability Strategy paper has been developed as a one-stop toolbox of ideas, initiatives and strategies for ma

AfDB Engages CSOs in West Africa

The African Development Bank (AfDB or the Bank) held a consultation workshop on 26 September 2019 with civil society actors from across West Africa

CSOs on the West Africa Civil Society E-Directory participate in First Webinar

“We, SPONG, are very grateful for this timely support provided by WACSI. We had an uncomplete draft of our communication strategy and this webina

Stakeholders’ Engagement on Relevance of Techsoup to CSOs in West Africa

On 23 July 2019, WACSI took part in the 4th Edition of the Association for Research on Civil Society in Africa (AROCSA) Conference that took place

CSOs, Social Movements and Activists Must Collaborate to Curb Shrinking Civic Space in West Africa

WACSI in collaboration with the Fund for Global Human Rights (FGHR) organised a 3-day convening with twenty representatives from CSOs that promote

WACSI Organises Four-Day Training for Embassy of France Civil Society Partners

“As an organisation, we have not been doing very well with monitoring and evaluation because of limited opportunity for detailed learning. (Thank

Civil Society Networks in Niger Strategise to End Child Marriage for Good

Niger has the highest rate of child marriage in the world, with an alarming statistics of 76% of women married before the age of 18 and 28% are mar


WACSI in collaboration with the International Center for Non-Profit Law (ICNL) on 20th to 22nd August 2019, convened a workshop on the theme

Guidebook on Alternative Funding Models: A Tool to Drive Civil Society’s Financial Sustainability in Africa

In Africa, many civil society organisations (CSOs) depend on donor funding to sustain their work.  However, over the last decade, donors...


Chris Ogbonna Expresses Satisfaction with WACSI’s Training for CSOs in Nigeria. Chris Ogbonna is the Program Director of Dialogue Reconciliation

AGNA: Sharing Lessons Globally to Scale up Domestic Impact

Civil society organisations (CSOs) across the globe thrive on the implementation of best practices. Some of these are found within organisations (i

Strengthening CSOs to raise funds locally!

The dwindling ability of foreign organisations to support social and developmental courses in Africa has called for local organisations to diversif

GDCA Enhances its Knowledge Management System

On 10th January 2019, the Techsoup West Africa team delivered the second phase of a training support in Knowledge Management...

Grooming the Next Generation of Researchers on Civil Society

Having a pool of critical thinkers who will provide evidence-based ideas to propel Africa’s development is an essential priority...

Call For Application: Local Fundraising Training

Civil society, together with government and the private sector, constitutes an essential pillar of a well-functioning state...


The World Justice Challenge 2019: Access to Justice Solutions is now open for submissions. Applications are due February 8, 2019


Reports gathered over the last one month on civil society activities across West Africa revealed a massive and diverse socio-economic