Pursuit of an Ideal Nigerian Society in the Post-Covid-19 Era

Pursuit of an Ideal Nigerian Society in the Post-Covid-19 Era

Early ideologies that birthed socialism began with great minds like Henri de Saint Simon, and morphed through the inputs of the likes of Karl Marx who was the proponent of Marxism, otherwise known as modern socialism. These ideologies point to the utopic idea of what society should be like. A significant level of fairness, class equality and the deconstruction of social stratification were canvassed for. Realists have however argued that these are unattainable and ambiguous to say the least. However, humanity set up the ideals despite the obvious conflict between normative expectations and actual reality. People float through these social constructs, institutions and over time get introspective, consequently leading to reactions and responses to these humanly devised constraints. Humans naturally are wired to be dynamic, hence the zigzag motions that thrive in society. Sometimes it becomes more than just a simple change. It becomes a movement that causes a great domino effect which could either be good or bad. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, a new era was launched; an era where survival became great luxury, an era where an awakening began and many realised how other spheres of life other than health, could be better.


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