Research Fellowship Report by Abah Danladi

Research Fellowship Report by Abah Danladi

African philanthropy is a field that still needs further probing (…) Africa still needs more research and studies that track philanthropic flows, as well as studies which explore their impact on development and transforming societal structures. More important will be the alignment of philanthropy with national priorities as well as with the activities and processes of traditional philanthropy (Moyo, 2011:12) This study analyses the African philanthropy landscape in Nigeria, specifically focusing on nature, challenges and prospects within the national development paradigm. It focuses on African philanthropy (Philanthropy in Africa) and not foreign philanthropy in Nigeria. In addition, the study examines issues of leadership and governance as they relate to the philanthropic landscape in Nigeria. Although African Philanthropy, has a long history, it is an emerging field that is yet to receive adequate scholarly attention in the literature. While much has been written on the philanthropic work of Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Rockefeller, Rockdale, Mac Arthur and other corporate foundations in Nigeria and Africa; little is known about African philanthropy infrastructures that are rooted in the people’s history and culture. This is in spite of the enormous contributions being made by African philanthropists towards the socio-economic and political transformation of Africa (Moyo, 2013).


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