RINGO Podcast Episode 1

RINGO Podcast Episode 1

The world has changed since INGO’s became prominent actors on the global stage. The current model for INGO’s seems no longer fit for purpose. The Ringo Social Lab – Re-imagining the International NGO – brings together a group of influencers, thinkers, leaders and disruptors from across civil society around the world in the quest to re-imagine the role of INGOs and global civil society.

In this series we explore the future of global civil society through the lense of the Ringo social lab. In this first episode we talk with Deborah Doane and Nana Afadzinu to learn more about the why, how and what of this promising initiative.

Deborah Doane is partner of the Rights-Co lab and driving force behind the Ringo project. Nana Afadzinu is the director of the West-African Civil Society Institute and member of the Ringo core-team.

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