Sankofa small grant programme: Call for submission of proposal

Sankofa small grant programme: Call for submission of proposal

The French Embassy in Ghana is seeking high-quality project proposals that seek to preserve, promote, advocate and educate on culture and heritage in the following three areas:

⮚ PROTECTING HERITAGE SITES such as, but not limited to, historic buildings, archaeological sites, already protected under international conventions (UNESCO) or not protected, or Ghana national parks.

⮚ PROMOTING AND DEVELOPING RESPONSIBLE TOURISM in places of particular interest (with strong touristic potential, archaeological, cultural and scientific interest, etc.)

⮚ BUILDING LOCAL COMMUNITIES CAPACITIES to deal with the interest of these tangible/intangible heritage sites (promotion, training, education, economical exploitation, etc.)

Submissions must be made sent via email to with the full application attached. File should be named after the organization with the first page being the Grant Application Form.

Please note that the deadline for receiving applications has been set to March 10th, 2021 at 4 pm GMT. Proposals must be received on, or before this date and time. All applications received afterwards will not be considered.

Download the full document here: 3 – Sankofa Provisionnal Budget template 2021 (1)1 – Sankofa Heritage and Tourism Call for projects 20212 – Sankofa 2021 Grant Application Form VF

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