Situation Report October 2020

Situation Report October 2020

About 100 participants from women’s organisations, youth organisations, associations of disabled people and civil society in Diré, Goundam and Timbuktu in Mali took part in three training sessions on advocacy, leadership and political dialogue. The series of training was organised by the Malian Association for Survival in the Sahel (AMSS), through the FAMOC program (Fund to Support the Drivers of Change). These workshop sessions aimed to build their capacity to fully play their primary role in the delivery of basic social services at the community level. These activities fall within the framework of the implementation of the project “Project for Inclusiveness of Governance and Citizenship at the Grassroots Level in the Timbuktu Region” in order to promote a more peaceful, resilient and human rights respectful Malian society through FAMOC.


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