Tebeck Mariztsa Commits to Mobilise Cameroonian Youths to Create Lasting Peace

Tebeck Mariztsa Commits to Mobilise Cameroonian Youths to Create Lasting Peace

Tebeck Mariztsa, 18, will hold fond memories of the nonviolent mobilisation training she participated in from 4 – 7 November in Accra, Ghana. The young Cameroonian, and youngest to have participated in a training organised by WACSI was equipped with skills, lessons and tools she will use to enhance the work of her organisation – Mother of Hope Cameroon (MOHCAM).

“I learned a lot of lessons. Firstly, I am going to start with the SWOT and PEST analysis. It made me realise that certain things in our organisation have not been going on well because we did not put [analyse] them under the political, economic and technological [categories]’, she said, bubbling with a passion to share these lessons with her colleagues and peers.

As the Youth Coordinator for MOHCAM, Mariztsa is confident that she will mobilise her peers, educate them on the lessons she learned from the training, so that, together, they can build a movement to promote lasting peace in her country.

Like the other 34 participants from Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, The Gambia, Ghana, Guinea and Togo, the young and eloquent Mariztsa expressed her zeal to replicate the lessons learned from the training with her peers.

“When I get back to my country Cameroon, I am going to make sure that I share what I learned with my group so that we can start planning on how our tomorrow is going to look like. I am going to tell them how we should strategise so that the people will believe in us,” she stated firmly.

As a young advocate, the Youth Coordinator has been equipped with essential skills to engage in nonviolent mobilisation.

“I also learned that it is not easy to create a movement. Since I got here and took part in this training, I have learned that it is just to strategise to make a movement”, she admitted.

Recognising the importance of the trifecta of nonviolent mobilisation; unity, planning and discipline, Mariztsa is poised to apply these in her country. She intends to make sure that subsequent campaigns driven by her organisation put these pivotal principles into practice to ensure improved organisation and success of their campaigns.

Mariztsa acknowledges the hurdles that lie ahead of her career as a young activist. However, boiling with optimism, she is hopeful about the change she will contribute to bringing about.

“Change is a gradual process. We believe it is going to happen because what we are going to do is to create impact. We are going to create an environment that is stable for people,” she said with an air of confidence.

Watch Mariztsa’s full video here.

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