The Future of Civil Society Series

The Future of Civil Society Series

The editorials are analytical write-ups on topical themes and emerging issues relevant to West Africa and the development sector. These editorials provide WACSI’s Board members with a platform to reflect, analyse and share their views and recommendations on these identified emerging issues and debates.

Carl Manlan is the Chief Operation Officer for Ecobank Foundation, an economist, a 2014 Mo Ibrahim Foundation Fellow, 2016 ASPEN New Voices Fellow and a WACSI Board member. He writes these editorials for WACSI in a personal capacity.

The editorials which are; African Middle Class: A Time to Act, Innovation and Incubation: Partners in Transformation, Re-imagining the Transformation of our Communities, Civil Society and Government: Complementary, not Competing Forces, Intergenerational Leadership, Strengthening ECOWAS: A Citizen’s Responsibility, West Africa: Our Complex Challenge have been compiled in this publication.

Read the full document here.

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