The Next Generation Internship Unlocked My Potentials

The Next Generation Internship Unlocked My Potentials

Rachad Bani Samari, Programme Assistant, Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA)

Rachad said, the ability to unlock people’s potential and lead them to a better future has always been his ultimate goal. To achieve such a goal, he needed to grasp the concept of leadership that achieves results, learn soft skills that could help him thrive in life, and understand the space that seeks to drive change and empower individuals to live better lives.

But above all, he needed a platform that could help him launch his professional career and position him as an agent of change.

The Next Generation Internship Programme (NGIP) at WACSI has considerably shaped his career and increased his prospects to succeed in life. The number of trainings received and the hands-on-deck approach was key in equipping him with soft skills.

“However, what was critical was the intra-generational and the inter-generational mentorship that guided me through the process of transition from university to the professional life, re-thinking my career, aligning it with my potential and how to position myself in the civic space”, he said.

During the NGIP, Rachad recounts that, he gained some skills that set him apart today. The coordination of events, writing concept notes, and reporting harnessed his aptitudes in excelling as an astute development professional. “I gained valuable skills in these areas over the six months spent at WACSI’ he added.

Rachad also said, “These skills are critical in my everyday work as I am often in charge of writing concept notes, organising and coordinating key events both at the national and international level, and writing reports. Another key skill gained was how to set a project implementation framework to achieve results. This skill is very central as I developed an advocacy project framework that has contributed to yielding concrete results in Burkina Faso”.

He concluded that, ever since he left WACSI, one single thing that pushes him to the extra step is ‘Excellence as his minimum standard’, which is one of WACSI’s core values.

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