WAVES Enhances its Institutional Competences

WAVES Enhances its Institutional Competences

A 5-day training conducted for partners of the Fund for Global Human Right (FGHR) Partners in Sierra Leone by the West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI), took place at Imperial Hotel in Bo.

The training took place from the 21 – 25 October 2019. 4 partners; Action for Community Task (ACT), Defense for Children International (DCI), Women’s Action for Human Dignity (WAHD) and Women Against Violence and Exploitation in Society (WAVES) Participated in the training.

The training areas addressed 4 topical issues to enhance institutional effectiveness of participating organisations. It covered topics such as organisational governance, leadership and talent management, sustainability and resource mobilisation and communicating impact.

This training enabled 4 representatives from WAVES to reflect on best practices that would enable the team to strengthen the institutional and operational systems of the organisation.

18 participants from the 4 organisations expressed satisfaction with the training content and its delivery. They attested to have gained new knowledge that would create a lasting positive impact on their work and organisation.

“We were pleased to be participants at the training. It came at the right time. Since the establishment of the organisation in October 2005, “we have not benefited from such an informative training”, said Hannah Fatmata Yambasu, the Executive Director of WAVES.

The training topics were key for us. It enabled us to know what kind of operating systems we need to have in place, she added.

The training empowered WAVES Staff to be efficient and effective at work. Staff who participated in the training will organise a training for their colleague staff and the board on organisations objectives, mandate, vision and core values of the organisation. This ensures the development and growth of the organisation and to have a functional board.

Participants from the training will lead in developing the first-ever board charter for the organisation in line with organisational policies.

They also committed to organising a meeting with the senior management team to discuss issues relating to restructuring the Organisation, Engage and report to stakeholders on organisations work, Represent and promote the image of the organisation by highlighting achievements, successes, challenges and how they were mitigated.

The training on leadership and talent management increased staff knowledge in taking up a leadership role. They are enabled to build their skills, knowledge and support network to create sustainable solutions to problems in our operational communities.

We are capacitated to develop a mandatory and volunteer mentorship policy. Every staff adopts the mentorship policy as part of the operational policies. Develop a succession plan depicting every role within the organisation. Set the feedback mechanism in place.

Assign leadership role to staff and develop their leadership potentials in a conducive working environment.

WAVES appreciate WACSI’s capacity development team and are determined to ensure the implementation lessons learnt from the training.

This a concrete result from training on communication in Bo, Sierra Leone.

Authored by Mohamed Christian Ngaujah, Monitoring & Evaluation Officer at WAVES.

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