The State of CSOs Sustainability in Ghana

The State of CSOs Sustainability in Ghana

This study was commissioned by the West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI) to explore the status of civil society (CS) sustainability in the context of the changing aid and development landscape in Ghana. The report captures the views, perceptions, opinions, fears, anxiety, excitement and the hopes of CS in relation to the current development landscape and operating space in Ghana. The report also throws light on how CS in Ghana are grappling with profound questions about their future, purpose and role in socio-economic development, as well as their legitimacy, recognition and visibility, operations, relationships and funding in Ghana. The report further tells the story of the mutable meanings of sustainability, the perceived present state of sustainability, the diverse challenges threatening the sustainability of CS, the different strategies being employed by CS to ensure that they are sustainable and the roles that government and pool-funding mechanisms can play for CS in Ghana. The methodology for the study involved a combination of an online survey together with interviews and conversations with a wide range of actors within the civil society fraternity and beyond. Some of the key messages from this research have been highlighted hereunder:


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